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I have met some incredibly wonderful people on Twitter!  Kind, helpful, warm souls who love to write stories, novels, blog, read, leave reviews, and share great books.  There are some big names on my Followers Lists, and I’m so very grateful for their input, mentorship, advice, and endless resources of information and connections.  I would be honored if you connected with me on Twitter, and I’d love to know what’s going on in your world of Tweets. 

“When men made promises that were kept and women worked alongside their men to create a life of stability, strength, honor and unconditional love, there was honesty, fairness, and truth; a love known only of a Butterfly and her Cocoon.” 


There truly are an amazing bunch of people on Facebook.  Readers and writers, editors and authors, publishers and agents … but most of all I love my fans.  Facebookers have greeted me with such warmth, that some days I am astounded at the comments and mentions … just wonderful.  If you’re on Facebook, won’t you join me for some fun? 

“It is the truth and only the truth that will set you free; free as The Monarch’s Butterfly in spring.” 


LinkedIn has become my favorite place for professional advice, marketing, advertising and yes, this is where I found my publicist.  If you are a professional in the book industry, please connect with me. 


Not as many authors as there should be, creating and maintaining an Amazon Central Author Page, but I have, because I want you to know as much about me as possible, and I want you to know that I do wish to connect with you.  If you are an Amazon Kindle book reader, this is where you can find Cocooning The Butterfly, and do check on this site often, because there will be offers and giveaways as time goes by. 

“Promises must be kept, and sometime those promises must be delivered to lay past souls to rest.” 


Many people have asked me about Goodreads … What is it? they ask me.  Well, Goodreads is the best online community for authors and readers alike. We socialize as we reccommend books, review books, list our own published books, and talk about books.  If you’re looking for an incredible online community, and your next good read, please join me. 

Cocooning the Butterfly

    “Inheritance is meant for the true heir, and a blessing is meant to give cause to the chosen for their calling, but a gift is given as a reward for one’s actions.” 


I find incredible inspiration here.  Music just does something to my soul – it touches my spirit with wonderful stories.


A great place to explore.  Stop by my channel and enjoy a great list of funnies, music, book trailers, and more!

Stage 32

At Stage 32 you’ll find me engaging with the knowledgeable, friendly people of the TV, Theater & Film Industry.

“To love unconditionally is to live as free as The Monarch’s Butterfly in spring; follow the footsteps of the Keeper of the Promise, and you will uncover the truth.” 

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