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If Halya had known what the Knight Riders stood for, against, and their protection, would she have experienced the trauma and heartache that she had gone through?  Possibly, but that’s not what happened or how it was.    


Sheltered and innocent to the reality of the bikers that swarm around her, her family did what they had to do, to save her from certain death.  The Demons want her dead and will stop at nothing … but they have to find her first.  


A naive orphan at 17, bullied, beaten, molested, raped, battered, and broken.  Faith gave her the strength to search for the man she dreamed of.  This is Halya’s story, what she went through, and how she overcame a painful past.  Love, protection, shelter, warmth, and tenderness, could The Buffalo’s destiny in Cocooning the Butterfly save her spirit from sure madness?  


Knight Rider Law rules the biker world, yet as time passes and tempers flare, war is inevitable.  A biker’s war, a long-standing feud over a multi-million dollar ranch, one boy and one girl, were destined to achieve the promise of the old men of long ago.   Will she survive, find the man in her nightly dreams, escape Hell, and remain sane?  

Reviewer’s Quote: Cocooning the Butterfly is as deep a metaphor as the author’s bravery in exposing her emotions.

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“The Buffalo” – the story of Joseph Tanner, a buffalo ranching cowboy.  From boyhood on through his life as he waits patiently for that one gentle fairy-like Butterfly waiting patiently on his heart, to come into his life and bring him peace.  He will take no other, no matter how hard they try, and he will wait until Hell thaws out before shaving his face of a lifetime of growth for her, and only her.  A tale of hardships, trauma, abuse, revenge, and protection from the commander of the Demons Den biker gang. 


“The Circle B Ranch” – a tale of four families coming together to own a large ranch and the promises they made to bring the families together as one, forever.  Honesty, kindness, and love, each family had their valued contribution to make.  Complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, they shaped and formed a legacy that would live on for centuries to come.   


The Butterfly Bed” – the spiritual attachment and connection, through promises made by old women of long ago, to bring a blessing to their future heirs, for love and freedom in love, should always remain unconditional.  A story of the Bed’s journey, a trek of 100 years, there was only one child she would bestow her blessing on.  Passed on, sold, traded, shipped, lost in a card game, stored, and forgotten, the bed waited patiently for her mortal counterpart, The Butterfly, as she traveled from Finland to Western Canada, to finally be delivered to Her soulmate, The Circle B Ranch.   


Colors & Black Leather” – the tale of the Knight Riders, their underground laws, and their efforts to rid the people of the evil inflicted on them by the Demons Den biker gang.  Protection, unity, loyalty, faith, morality, and the future depend on their Prince (The Buffalo) and their Princess (The Butterfly) surviving the Demons that hunt them.  A story of the making of Knights, and who they really are. 

Cocooning The Butterfly – Book Trailer


 Cocooning the Butterfly ~ Poem 


No love is truth lest truth be unconditional and spoken 

I was once a lost and dying Caterpillar 

Alone and afraid I approached from the desert 

You found me shivering in fear, thirsting and weak 

Soft-spoken words emit with genteel kindness 

Your love cocooned me in warm solace 

Sheltered in your shroud of safety, I was held 

Cradled in protection, nurtured in the darkness 

Basking in the delight of your sunny gaze, I emerge 

Renewed in rebirth and joyously weeping, I spread my wings 

Your gentle kiss in life’s first embrace and I soar 

A Butterfly’s whisper echoes free through love’s sanctuary 

Embodied in the serenity and fulfillment of your pleasure 

We share one living soul, one passion, one truth, one flight 

My Cocoon, you are my very best Part 

For without your love to cocoon me as a Caterpillar 

I could not live this life as your Butterfly 

Our love is truth, because our truth is unconditional 

And spoken, when we say . . . I love you. 


Poem Copyright ©2017 by: Laila Doncaster


Quote from “Cocooning The Butterfly”


When men made promises that were kept and women worked alongside their men to create a life of stability, strength, honor and unconditional love, there was honesty, fairness, and truth; a love known only of a Butterfly and her Cocoon.  …  It is the truth and only the truth that will set you free; free as a Monarch Butterfly in spring.  …  Promises must be kept, and sometimes those promises must be delivered to lay past souls to rest.  …  God does work in mysterious ways when something requires learning.  …  Seek and ye shall find.  …  Keep watch, for God does not always show His blessings and gifts in an obvious manner.  …  Inheritance is meant for the true heir, and a blessing is meant to give cause to the chosen for their calling, but a gift is given as a reward for one’s actions.  …  To love unconditionally is to live as free as the Monarch’s Butterfly in spring; follow in the footsteps of the Keeper of the Promise, and you will uncover the truth.  ….  Find the man who is worthy of your Butterfly Bed, Sweetheart, for he is the Keeper of the Monarch.”  


“Thank you, Father, for all of your blessings.”  Halya had solved the puzzle. 

Quote from “Cocooning The Butterfly”


Your fathers were of Noblemen, Artisans, Sheppard, and Sword.  They did love in great bounty, in honor, in justice, in truth and in pride.  The promise of the old men of long ago was to each other, to share this land as one family.  I am the blessing and the promise, to honor thy fathers before thee, that their heirs be prosperous in the union of the bloodlines; this promise I grant unto these children, that they shall multiply in love and in family abundant.  The vision which your eyes do see upon my sanctuary; this family is the treasure of the blessing that I have given freely.  For in her heart, the purest born, is where I do abide, and in your heart, one as steadfast as the bison in the fields, is the living spirit of this land; a land of plenty and a land which will remain fruitful for centuries to come.  This blessing I grant in favor of your union, as one heart and one living soul, for I shiver only in the truth of unconditional love; a truth, known only to a Butterfly and her Cocoon.” 


“A bold but sensual story of the rapture in the coming together of a powerful man and a woman searching for safety in love. How fun to be a part of the pre-read, and share the insight of a woman’s heart as she finds truth in love, and then blossoms with it. I know this is just the beginning as Halya travels our paths, for this is the reality of all women in wanting a real man. A great read.”

Reviewed on Facebook by ~ Steel Riata, AB Canada

“I was taken by this fresh, lighthearted romance with a twist, a turn and a touch of modern life melded with life of old. The landscape descriptions, truly give a sense of Canadian terrain, and life in all seasons. A diverse cast of characters with brilliant personalities came together to form and remain solid unity throughout the book. Cocooning the Butterfly is as deep a metaphor as the author’s bravery in exposing her emotions.”

Reviewed on Facebook by ~ M. Tillotson, BC Canada

"Beautiful first chapter by this fresh. young writer. We'll undoubtedly be hearing more from her and her new writings. Good, visual opening. Reader gets pulled into characters early on, when identification is so necessary, then gets pulled up by the scruff of her neck to learn the protagonist (at least one of them) is the Buffalo. Fascination point of view for the story."

Reviewed on Facebook by ~ Jay Squires, Author

“Drama, mystery, feuds, sorrow, joy, unconditional love, unconscionable hate and abuse, and healing the heart and soul. Laila Doncaster, you rock; a stellar author. Kept me enthralled the whole darn book! Hurry up and get book 2 done so I can continue with the story. I could not put it down!”

Review on Amazon.CA by ~ Madlyn Doey

"Very quickly I became caught up in the narrative and was trapped irrevocably with this delicious heroine who was orphaned at a very young age and left alone to cope for her self and not surprisingly made bad decisions that really hurt. Then suffering horrible consequences, she takes control of her life. It is an adrenaline pumping experience where I was loudly cheering her on as SHE began to turn her life around. This is the stuff of Gabriel Garcia Marquez where -- carefully crafted and beautifully constructed fiction is irreversibly captivating. This extraordinary and remarkably fabulous narrative has a way of trapping the reader at the edge of his or her seat. To say I could not put the book down is the truth. This is a great experience. I COMPLETELY RECOMMEND THIS FIRST BOOK!"

Review on Amazon.COM by ~ C. Micheal Bennis ~ Tuscan, AZ USA

“I loved her book … it was funny, sad, maddening, it had every emotion possible … I will be recommending this book to my friends.”

Reviewed on Facebook by ~ L. Deslauriers


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