“Sing Me Home” Official Cover

Main & Secondary Characters

Your’s Truly – Levi Gibson

Marina Pardon

Wagner (Wag) Bakersfield

Winnie Bakersfield

Joseph Bakersfield (Joe)


Paul Francesco (Big Paulie)

Warden, Graham Bradshaw

Harry Sparks

Thomas Tickerman

William Marks (Willy)

Earnest Martin

Noland Littlefoot

Pablo Rivera

Dorsey Griffin

Lester Biggs

Ali Isham

Gilbert Malone

Sol Morison

Esachi Blackpaw

Samuel Muller (One-Legged Sam)

Sherman Grady

Music Inspired “Sing Me Home” Enjoy! 

“Sing Me Home” Official Trailer

“Sing Me Home”

Book Description

Passion for music put him in the wrong bar, on the wrong night. Murder. A life sentence for an innocent man. His guitar sang death-row to their doom. Free in a world he knows nothing of, musical memories haunt him. A cowboy’s song was all he needed to give up the ghost. Sing Me Home, was his last request. 

This project is scheduled to commence Nov 1/18 during #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and will be released upon completion.

Introducing the U-Harp Guitar! 

A most beautiful and enchanting sound. 

Scarborough Fair by Javier Rubio Carballo

The enchanting 21-string Harp Guitar.

Imagine by Muriel Anderson

The warmth of the 11-string Harp Guitar.

Farewell by Calum Graham

The soothing 12-string Harp Guitar.

Ancestors by Keith Medley

The riveting 27-string Harp Guitar.

Resonate Chamber by Animusic.com

An amazing piece of work.

Stranger On The Shore by Doug Beaumier

1955 Fender Stringmaster

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