“Sing Me Home” Official Cover

Main & Secondary Characters

Big Paulie

Dorsey Griffin

Earnest Martin


Gilbert Malone

Harry Sparks


Lester Biggs

Little Willy Marks


One Legged Sam



Shortshot Lefty

Sol Morison


Warden Bradshaw

Your’s Truly – Levi Gibson

Joe Pardon


Winnie Bakersfield

Wagner (Wag) Bakersfield

Harborough Fair by Javier Rubio Carballo

The sweet, enchanting sound of the 21-string Harp Guitar. 

“Sing Me Home” Official Trailer

“Sing Me Home” 

Book Description

Passion for music put him in the wrong bar, on the wrong night. Murder. A life sentence for an innocent man. His guitar sang death-row to their doom. Free in a world he knows nothing of, musical memories haunt him. A cowboy’s song was all he needed to give up the ghost. Sing Me Home, was his last request.   This project is scheduled to commence Nov 1/18 during #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and will be released to the public upon completion of the contest, edits, polishing, and publishing processes.

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