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awards & nominations

Canada Book Awards Winner May 2020

“Cocooning, The Butterfly”, the first book in the upcoming Circle B Ranch Series by Laila Doncaster, won the Canada Book Awards on May 6 2020.

Global eBook Awards Nominee May 2020

Click the Global eBook Awards Icon above for more information regarding the current status of the entry for Laila Doncaster’s “Cocooning, The Butterfly” book, which became a contender in the Global eBook Awards on May 5, 2020.

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Feature of the Month ~ May 2020

Marnye Young Hull, the Audio Sorceress graciously gifted Laila Doncaster the May 2020 Featured Author of the Month spot on her website.  Click the Audio Sorceress Icon above to view the Feature and read the Interview. 

Feature Blog Post by David Perlmutter

Click the Blog Icon above to view the Blog Post kindly gifted from David Perlmutter, author of the book Wrong Place, Wrong Time, soon to become a movie.  

Writing Community

Proud Indie Member of the Independent Author Network

Laila Doncaster is a proud member of the Independent Author Network – #IAN1.  Click the Independent Author Network Icon above to view Laila Doncaster’s Profile and learn more about her and her book(s).

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