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Laila Doncaster was born in Canada and raised in the Province of British Columbia.  Acquiring the Saint John’s Ambulance – Industrial First Responder, she worked primarily in road construction, as well as the oilfields, gas pipelines, forestry, and forest fires of BC and AB, as a traffic controller and first aid attendant from 1981 until 2011.  She graduated with honors from a technical university in 2004, with a minor degree in Computer Programming, Software Development, and Systems Analysis. 

Suffering from anxiety and depression most of her adult life, she found respite in writing her first novel, “Cocooning, The Butterfly“, which began in 2002.  She married her husband, Jeff, in 2014, and lives in Alberta.  She is a mother of two, a young grandmother of four, and looks forward to life in the country as an early retirement nears. 

“Cocooning, The Butterfly” will release MAY 1, 2020, with worldwide distribution to all major bookstores, and is Book One of the coming “Circle B Ranch Series”


“To love unconditionally is to live as free, as The Monarch’s Butterfly in spring.”


I Am A Survivor! 

  … childhood bullying

  … youth molestation

  … verbal abuse

  … emotional abuse

  … physical abuse

  … rape

  … abandonment

  … spousal abuse

   … depression

  … anxiety

  … believing it was my fault

  Today, I am strong because my life taught me, forgiveness.  

  I will never forget, but I will not let their poisons burden my soul and spirit with anger, hatred, nor revenge, because love is the most powerful tool anyone can possess.

“Thou shalt not judge, 

lest Ye be judged in like manner.”

“Find the man who is worthy

of your Butterfly Bed, Sweetheart, 

for he is the Keeper of the Monarch.”

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