Laila Doncaster   

Love is the most powerful tool in healing abuse.

  Author Bio  

Born in Canada in 1962, Laila Doncaster is the ninth of eleven children. Her father’s career moved the family often; thus, Laila rarely attended the same school more than three consecutive years. As a result, Laila grew up with an independent mind, determination to adapt, and a deep appreciation for the serenity of British Columbia’s countryside.

Suffering most of her adult life with anxiety and depression, in 2002 Laila began to write ‘Cocooning the Butterfly’—a tale of suffering, survival, and learning to overcome – a story of honor and unconditional love. Writing became therapy for her tender heart and emotional spirit while she learned to let go of the burdens that weighed on her. The result is a story filled with amazing characters, vibrant plots, metaphors, teasing riddles, and a touch of Christian faith melded with the complexities surrounding the butterfly’s life-cycle.

Laila met Jeff Doncaster in 2011, and then married him in 2013, finally getting it right. They live in Alberta, Canada where Laila enjoys her two children, four grandchildren, and looks forward to a life in the country as retirement nears. Since 2013, Laila has assisted Jeff in his business, but learned to escape the confines of the office and big city by using her imagination to take her into a world she longs for, a life in the country.  ‘Cocooning the Butterfly’ is her first novel.


“To love unconditionally, is to live as free,

as a Monarch Butterfly in spring.”

   I Am A Survivor  


 … childhood bullying.

 … youth molestation.

 … verbal abuse.

 … emotional abuse.

 … physical abuse.

 … rape.

 … abandonment. 

 … spousal abuse.

 … depression.

 … anxiety.

 … believing it was my fault. 

  Today, I am strong because my life taught me … forgiveness. 

  I will never forget, but I will not let their poisons burden my soul and spirit with anger, hatred, nor revenge

 … because love is the most powerful tool anyone can possess.


“Thou shalt not judge, lest

Ye be judged in like manner.”


“A bold but sensual story of the rapture in the coming together of a powerful man and a woman searching for safety in love. How fun to be a part of the pre-read, and share the insight of a woman’s heart as she finds truth in love, and then blossoms with it. I know this is just the beginning as Halya travels our paths, for this is the reality of all women in wanting a real man. A great read.”

Review by ~ Steel Riata, AB Canada

“I was taken by this fresh, light-hearted romance with a twist, a turn and a touch of modern life melded with life of old. The landscape descriptions, truly give a sense of Canadian terrain, and life in all seasons. A diverse cast of characters with brilliant personalities came together to form and remain solid unity throughout the book. Cocooning the Butterfly is as deep a metaphor as the author’s bravery in exposing her emotions.”

Review by ~ M. Tillotson, BC Canada

"Beautiful first chapter by this fresh. young writer. We'll undoubtedly be hearing more from her and her new writings. Good, visual opening. Reader gets pulled into characters early on, when identification is so necessary, then gets pulled up by the scruff of her neck to learn the protagonist (at least one of them) is the Buffalo. Fascination point of view for the story."

Review by ~ Jay Squires, Author

“Drama, mystery, feuds, sorrow, joy, unconditional love, unconscionable hate and abuse, and healing the heart and soul. Laila Doncaster, you rock; a stellar author. Kept me enthralled the whole darn book! Hurry up and get book 2 done so I can continue with the story. I could not put it down!”

Review on Amazon by ~ Madlyn Doey

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“Find the man who is worthy of your Butterfly Bed, Sweetheart, for he is the Keeper of the Monarch.”

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