5 STARS from M. Tillotson on Cocooning The Butterfly

 “I was taken by this fresh, light-heartted romance with a twist, a turn and a touch of modern life melded with life of old. The landscape descriptions, truly give a sense of Canadian terrain, and life in all seasons. A diverse cast of characters with brilliant personalities came together to form and remain solid unity throughout the book. Cocooning the Butterfly is as deep a metaphor as the author’s bravery in exposing her emotions.”  Review by M. Tillotson ~ British Columbia Canada


5 STARS from Jay Squires on Cocooning The Butterfly

 “Beautiful first chapter (chapter reveal) by this fresh. young writer. We’ll undoubtedly be hearing more from her and her new writings. Good, visual opening. Reader gets pulled into characters early on, when identification is so necessary, then gets pulled up by the scruff of her neck to learn the protagonist (at least one of them) is The Buffalo. Fascination point of view for the story.”  Review by Jay Squires, Author

Cocooning The Butterfly by Laila Doncaster

Cocooning the ButterflyCocooning the Butterfly by Laila Doncaster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If Halya had known what the Knight Riders stood for, stood against, and what they did to protect her life from the Demons Den gang, would she have experienced the trauma and heartache that she had gone through? Possibly, but that’s not what happened or how it was.

Sheltered and innocent to the reality of the bikers that swarmed about her everyday life, and the modern world, her family did what they had to do to save her from sure death; the Demons wanted her dead, but they had to find her first. Orphaned and uneducated about modern society she was bullied, beaten, shunned, molested, raped, battered, harassed and broken, but her faith and will to endure gave her the strength to search for the man in her nightly dreams.

This is Halya’s side of the story, what she went through and how she overcame the pain and sorrow of her past. Loving her, protecting her, sheltering her in warmth and tenderness, her dream man, The Buffalo, it was his destiny in Cocooning the Butterfly that would save her spirit from sure madness, as he used his horse whisperer’s tactics to make her feel safe. A biker’s war, a long-standing feud over a multi-million dollar ranch, one boy and one girl were destined to achieve the promise of the old men of long ago, as he loved her upon the Butterfly Bed.

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5 STARS from K. Short on Cocooning The Butterfly

 A bold but sensual story of the rapture in the coming together of a powerful man and a woman searching for safety in love. How fun to be a part of the pre-read, and share the insight of a woman’s heart as she finds truth in love, and then blossoms with it. I know this is just the beginning, as Halya travels our paths, for this is the reality of all women in wanting a real man. A great read.”  Review by, Steel Riata ~ Alberta Canada


Butterfly Flutters go Global

I am so excited.  Cocooning The Butterfly has become a smashing success around the globe.  She’s beautiful and loved by the world, and I couldn’t be more pleased as I watch her spread those delicate wings and flutter. 


A Finnish craftsman carved the proverbial text deep into the wood of the Butterfly Bed: “If ye shelter her in treasures of the heart, God shall bless thee with treasures abundant in His truth and prosperity; a truth known only of a Butterfly and her Cocoon”. A tale of love entwined by fate brings this proverb to life; the Knight Riders Princess, they must protect her life, for her destiny is to befall the Demons Den and bring the Keeper of the Monarch to his throne.
Oh, ye Knights, let thy thunder roar, for it is of thy calling, thy strength of vast numbers that guard this Promise, this Blessing, thy Prince, and thy Princess, to keep these swine, these evil Demons at bay.
“Find the man who is worthy of your Butterfly Bed, Sweetheart, for he is the Keeper of the Monarch.”


Finnish words, a man of wisdom carved deep in the wood of the Butterfly Bed. “If ye shelter her in treasures of the heart, God shall bless thee with treasures abundant in His truth and prosperity: a truth known only of a Butterfly and her cocoon.”
The scribe he etched, written of pen and ink, rolled tight the scroll and hid it from sight; only the virtuous love of a Buffalo shall spin a Cocoon in shelter of a Caterpillar.
It is in their bloodlines, birthright, written and sealed is this providence, a promise of old men from long ago. Forbidding her blessing to fall on any, save one, the Bed did wait in silence for one worthy of her pledge; a girl child, firstborn upon her sanctuary, captured her soul in one quick breath. The Circle B Ranch rests in slumber, awaiting a birth, his soul’s heir; the Buffalo’s heart must be lit, and reach maturity in manhood. His lands fruitful, his drink sweet, his shelter of beauty astounding to view though his loneliness forlorn; yet by an early summer’s moon the cry of the newborn son stirs hope deep within his soil.
The girl grows, longing for one man to love her true, not the riches, diamonds, and gold of Demons, these swine have dangled before her. Offerings of those who would slay her should they know her rightful identity, the Knights shield her from certain death while striking down these wicked swine. Yet she knows not of the Demons’ strife to reduce her existence to ash, nor of the sword that keeps these Demons at bay. A sword of justice the Knights guard the Caterpillar, for it was prophesied that she be the chosen one to bring their Prince his rightful throne and befall the Demons to Hell. Oh, ye Knights, let thy thunder roar, for it is thy calling, thy strength of vast numbers that guard a promise, to keep Evil at bay.
“Find the man who is worthy of your Bed, Sweetheart, for he is the Keeper of the Monarch.”

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