Free & Paid Images for Personal & Commercial Use

A time-consuming thing it can be to find the right images for a project, whether that project is a book cover, poster, banner, or a social media header.  This list will expand with time, as I locate more of these websites, so come back often.  Please note that some of these websites may ask you to create an account, and it is probably a good thing that you do.  Read through their Licensing Terms & Conditions to be sure that you have the right to use, manipulate, and/or transform any image prior to downloading and using them.  Do the CYA and stay legal – you’ll save yourself a world of stress if you do.  Best of luck to you in your projects.

Adobe Spark – Some of the images appearing throughout this website were acquired through the generosity of Adobe under Creative Commons License.

Pixabay – Some of the images appearing throughout this website were acquired through the generosity of under Creative Commons License.

Pexels – Some of the images appearing throughout this website were acquired through the generosity of under Creative Commons License.

Deviant Art


Yale Art Gallery


Travel Coffee Book



NOAA Photo Library


Death To The Stock Photo


GoodFree Photos

US Agriculture Image Gallery

New York Public Library

Public Domain Archive

FFCU – Free For Commercial Use



National Gallery of Art

Europeana Collections


Authors Resources ~ Must Haves

Authors need Resources – that’s a fact.  Finding the right resource can be a total nightmare.  Some of us, as newbie authors, have no idea just how vast and complex the book market and world really is.  Here’s a list of just some of the incredible number of research and resources every author needs to know about.  If you know of a great resource that’s not on my list, please tell me about it.  Every author can be successful if they know the rules of the game, and where to locate those rules.

Government of Canada – Canadian Heritage

Retail Council of Canada

BookNet Canada

CataList Canada

Book Depository


eBound Canada

Canadian Electronic Library

National Library of Canada

Gutenberg Canada – Public Domain

Gutenberg Australia – Public Domain

Gutenberg USA – Public Domain

Many Books – Public Domain

LibriVox – Audio Books – Public Domain

Internet Archives

Wikipedia – Online Research Encyclopedia

JSTOR – Digital Library 

TopShelf Magazine

Askew & Holts – Library Stock

Wikimedia Commons

DuoLit – Best Newbie Author Info

Canadian Writers Union – Contracts

Canadian Writers Union – How-to Guides

Quill & Quire – Hottest Canadian Writers Online Magazine

Glossary of Publishing Terminology

CANSCAIP – Canadian YA Literature Association

Canadian Council for the Arts – Grants

Canadian Encyclopedia – Writers Search

Wikipedia – Public Domain Images Resources

Harvard Law School Library

Creative Commons

British Library

Digital Vatican

Test Your Books ~ eReaders & Apps

Shopping for the lastest eReader, or eReading App?  Perhaps you need an update for your eReader?  There are many options out there, and this list will help you find the right one for you and your budget.  With so many eBooks out there, and many websites offering free ebooks, this is the starting point.  The more we read, the more we learn – authors must read every day, to expand our writing style and word skill.  If you know of an App that’s not listed here, please let me know so I can add it to the list.











Books To Films ~ Scripts & ScreenWriting

Books to Film is a very real dream of many authors.  Finding those who know the industry, following them and learning from them, adopting them as mentors, is the first step to bringing your dream to reality.  For me, this reality also consists of purchasing the software the big-name scriptwriters and filmmakers use and teaching myself to bring my novels to scripts.  Multi-generational films/movies and their scripts can be found, and when you do find them, watch and read them through, because those are the keys to discovering why they have been popular and have become classics and successful for generations.  Many of these links below will either offer insight to the industry, further details, or allow the free download of the scripts and films – you should never have to pay for them if they are in the Public Domain, yet many websites charge varying prices.


Film Affinity

Go Into The Story



IMDb – List of PubliScreenwritings


Screenwriting Goldmine

Daily Script 


LA Screenwriter

The Script Lab

The Writing Room

Simply Scripts

Page Awards

Indie Film Hustle

NY Film Academy 

Script Reader Pro


Awesome Film

B&W Old Movies

Public Domain Movies Feature Films

Public Domain Flicks

Ranker – Public Domain Films

Public Domain Movies

Wikipedia – List of Films in the Public Domain


Getting Big Big Book Reviews

Each one of the links below are high traffic websites – each hosting book reviews.  Locating the right person, with the correct method of contact however, is something that will take me a while yet to do – but, once found I will update this post with that additional information.  In the meantime, if you find the right person, and their contact information, please let me know so I can update the information for others.  I hope you find this useful.  Best of luck to you.


CTV News Calgary

Calgary Herald

Calgary SUN

Global News

Publishers Weekly

New York Times

Globe & Mail

BBC Books

Wall Street Journal


National Post

Toronto Star – Toronto, Ontario

Kelowna Courier

The Loop – TV Talk Show

Boston Globe

The Province – Vancouver, BC

Washington Post


Galley Cat

Indie Author News

Library Journal

Library Thing

Mid-West Books

The New Yorker

New York Review

NPR Books



Book People

Reform Magazine

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