An Interview with Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight interviewed me recently, and what a bunch of wonderful and professional people they are. Thank you Author Spotlight for the opportunity to chat with you about my book, ‘Cocooning The Butterfly’. You can read the entire interview HERE.




Book Launch Spotlight

‘Cocooning The Butterfly’ was released on October 5, 2017.  On that day, Tony Riches himself, had followed me back on Twitter a few days prior, and offered a Book Launch Spotlight on his blog, featuring my book.  To be perfectly honest, I was flattened by the gesture, and then realized that I must be on the path the Heavenly Father wants for me, because ever since my book launched, my life has taken a huge turn.  I can’t thank Mr. Riches enough for what he’s done for me, freely and from the kindness of his heart, but I try, every day.  To receive a gesture like this from such a well-known author, is an incredible honor.

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