Heart of ‘The Buffalo’ – Sometimes I Dream

I was introduced to the music of Texas Tenors today, and I must say, there can be no better depiction of the heart and soul of my character, Joseph Tanner, AKA The Buffalo, than this video and song – Sometimes I Dream.

Joseph, like Halya, dreaming of each other from the time they were old enough to have feelings, thoughts and yearnings of true and honest love, slept with the figment of the other in their nightly dreams.  Reaching out to each other, seeking and calling out for the other as they slept, their destiny is to join.  I cannot, or rather have not, come across another song that digs so deeply into Joseph’s warm, gentle and country heart, that this.

I hope you can feel Joseph’s heart, aching and calling for his soulmate, Halya, The Butterfly that futters gracefully about his emotional being, as he waits for her, and no other.

Music Offers Me Inspiration

I have yet to hear a song that touches me more than “Dream Soft” by Mountain Fever Records.  You can find them on SoundCloud.

This is the mood, the emotion, the gentleness of The Buffalo’s love for Halya, his Butterfly.  The song is so warm, so cozy, gentle and loving, I would love to have their permission to use it for a book trailer and the theme song for what I hope will become the movie (one day).

Enjoy, and I hope you hear and feel what I do.

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