Cocooning, The Butterfly” is about to be released into the great beyond.  May 1, 2020, tomorrow she will flutter about the globe with distribution to all major bookstores and booksellers.  A bittersweet emotion it is – similar to watching your child leave home to go to college.

Marnye Young Hull – or better known to the creatives of the audiobook industry as AudioSorceress – has graciously gifted me the Monthly Feature spot for May 2020 on her website.  I am stunned at the gesture, thrilled with the opportunity, and taken aback by her generosity.  One day, when the time is right, I will without hesitation, request Marnye’s expertise in bringing my book to an audiobook.

I cannot find the words to truly express how grateful I am to be gifted such an honor, other than to say, I am humbled.

Read the interview live on Marnye’s website HERE! 

Looking for purchasing links for the book?  You’ll find them all HERE! 


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