Book Launch Spotlight

‘Cocooning The Butterfly’ was released on October 5, 2017.  On that day, Tony Riches himself, had followed me back on Twitter a few days prior, and offered a Book Launch Spotlight on his blog, featuring my book.  To be perfectly honest, I was flattened by the gesture, and then realized that I must be on the path the Heavenly Father wants for me, because ever since my book launched, my life has taken a huge turn.  I can’t thank Mr. Riches enough for what he’s done for me, freely and from the kindness of his heart, but I try, every day.  To receive a gesture like this from such a well-known author, is an incredible honor.

Music Offers Me Inspiration

I have yet to hear a song that touches me more than “Dream Soft” by Mountain Fever Records.  You can find them on SoundCloud.

This is the mood, the emotion, the gentleness of The Buffalo’s love for Halya, his Butterfly.  The song is so warm, so cozy, gentle and loving, I would love to have their permission to use it for a book trailer and the theme song for what I hope will become the movie (one day).

Enjoy, and I hope you hear and feel what I do.

About my Book Blog

Cocooning The Butterfly – Paperback Cover

Welcome and thank you for joining me.  My Book Blog is a place where both you and I can come to know the characters of the novel, “Cocooning The Butterfly”, in greater depth.

Here you will find one-on-one interviews and/or discussions with each of the characters in my book, the history regarding the Butterfly Bed and the Circle B Ranch, as they became known to my imagination, and the development of all coming books in this series.

Yes, Cocooning The Butterfly was meant to be an introduction and delivery of the big picture, a briefing, and plot(s) layout.

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